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frequently asked questions

A: The shed panels are made from zinc coated steel sheeting with a thin layer of paint. A special technology is used to apply the paint layer to ensure that the paint does not peal. All materials used to construct the shed are corrosion (rust) resistant. The walls are fabricated from corrugated sheeting that ensures that it is strong enough.

A: The sheds do not come standard with a base (floor), but Mastershed can provide you with a base as an optional extra. We can either supply you with a 2nd grade pre-cast concrete base or a plastic tile base. For the plastic tile base it is essential that the surface under the shed is solid such as paving or concrete. Alternatively you may construct your own base from any material you consider suitable. It depends on your needs and what the shed will be used for.

A: Minimal maintenance is required on the shed. The shed should be kept clean, and it is recommended to check that all fasteners remain fastened once a year.

A: The shed is made up from a number of panels and parts and is usually assembled on your premises. Mastershed will deliver and install the shed FREE anywhere in Gauteng. It is important that the surface where the shed will be installed is flat and and there is space for the team to install the shed. It is recommended that there is at least 1m clearance around the shed in order to assemble the shed. Once the shed is assembled, it can be moved to its dedicated position.

A: It typically takes 2 to 3 hours to install the shed.

A: Mastershed couriers sheds all over South Africa at no additional cost. The shed comes with a DIY manual and can be installed by yourself.

A: No, the sheds only come in standard sizes as advertised on our website. All sheds comes in Taupe and Anthracite due to popular demand. Take note what sizes and colours are in stock at the moment.

A: Mastershed usually has sufficient stock and manpower to ensure your shed is delivered and installed within 10 working days.

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